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Group Headshots in San Francisco

Showcase Your Group At Their Best

Group headshots are a foundational tool for showing outside stakeholders that your group is like-able, competent, and reliable. Your group headshots will be the first thing many customers and prospective employees review on your website – so choose a photography partner that can help you master the perfect look.

What Are Group Headshots?

Group headshots are a set of portrait photos taken for small or large teams. Typically, group headshots are organized by a business or nonprofit organization as an efficient means of getting consistent headshots across a large group.

The most common  placement for group headshots is on website “About Us” pages, but such photos can also be used for LinkedIn profiles, business cards, Powerpoint presentations, social media posts, and marketing collateral.

What Backdrops Are Best For Group Headshots?

It depends on your industry, brand and context! 

Generally speaking, you’ll want to use a backdrop that supports your brand’s identity.

Working in financial services or law? Go for a dark or mid-tone gray backdrop.

Getting employee headshots for your tech startup? Go with a fun-colored backdrop or outdoors.

For geographically dispersed groups with locations in multiple cities, you should probably consider using a commonly available backdrop color. That way, you can use multiple local photographers to source identical headshots across teams.

Perfect consistency across all employee photos isn’t an absolute necessity. But, there’s something special about a website “About Us” page with perfectly consistent headshots across the whole executive team, executive board, or entire staff.

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How Should People Pose For Group Headshots?

In general, when setting your branded headshot guidelines, you’ll want some loose consistency across the team. A little bit of thought/planning on the front end will ensure that your headshots are consistent for years to come.

Your teams’ headshots should be cropped fairly closed around your head, so posing takes a back seat. However, some simple poses can still help bring out the best even in narrow framing.

Before your group headshots, you should consult with your headshot photographer to discuss acceptable poses for your group headshots. You don’t want to have one or two employees choose a completely different pose from the rest of the group.

What Are Some Common Mistakes For Group Headshots?

The most common mistake for group headshots is booking an inexperienced or generalist photographer. There are several challenges for capturing proper headshots for large groups, the biggest being the difficulties inherent in managing large groups of people in any situation. 

The wrong headshot photographer can turn your headshot event into a mess. From forgetting equipment, to losing some peoples’ photos, to poorly edited final products, the nightmare possibilities are extensive — you’ll want to find a photography partner who’s experienced with large groups. 


What Are Some Tips For Great Group Headshot Sessions?

Simplicity and execution are key for a smooth and successful group headshot session. For our “Headshot Days,” we typically take three critical steps to ensure an efficient on-site:

First, before the shoot, employees are emailed an online link to pick a time slot that fits their calendar. This schedule ensures that all employees can find a slot that works for their day.

Second, after each session, we take a photo of the team member holding a whiteboard with their name on it. We already have their name/email from the registration sheet. But, during headshot days, employees inevitably change spots and/or show up late. The second list helps us make sure that every team member gets their original photos within one business day.

Third, employees can choose their favorite photo for retouching in a private DropBox folder. They don’t need to worry about having their photos distributed to everyone in the building. Many people are self-conscious about having their photos distributed in a public folder. 

What If All My Group Members Are Hard To Schedule At The Same Time?

No problem! That’s why we recommend a solid-colored backdrop. You will never have to worry about matching the same time-of-day or exact photographer.

HeadShots Inc has also been known to fly across the country to provide consistent group headshots across organizations. For local companies, you can also enroll in our “Corporate Pass” program, which will allow you to send employees to our studio whenever it’s convenient for them. 

You should also be creating a “headshot brand guidelines” document that will serve as ongoing guidance for headshot photography in other locations/times.

How Much Do Group Headshots Cost?

Pricing for group headshots can vary depending on provider, delivery, volume, specifications, and location. 

However, you should expect to pay between $50 and $350 per person for group headshots. On the lower end, expect to book for at least 40 people on a single day. On the upper end, you’ll either be booking for a small group, or longer sessions per person.

All HeadShots Inc group sessions include 100% rights to all original photos, plus one airbrushed photo per person.

Where Can I Get Group Headshots in San Francisco?

HeadShots Inc’s mobile studio is available anywhere within the San Francisco Bay Area. We’d love to chat about your vision for the event. To get started, just visit our Team Sessions page and request a free consultation.

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About the Author

Dan St Louis is the Owner and Head Photographer at HeadShots Inc. As a headshot and portrait specialist, his work has been featured on the larget photography blogs in the world including: 500px, PetaPixel, Fstoppers, DIYPhotography, ShotKit, and

To get amazing group headshots that showcase your group at their best, check out our Team Session page for booking options.

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