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Individual Headshot Sessions

Great careers deserve great headshots. Whether you’re an executive, actor, entrepreneur, or anything in between – professional headshots will help you make a splash online.

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How it works

Headshots without the headache. Book online or call us directly to get started.

Schedule Your Session

Schedule online and choose one of our modern studio backgrounds, your office, or any of seven awesome outdoor locations around San Francisco.

Attend Your Shoot

We’ll coach you through the process to capture an image that is personable, flattering, and uniquely you.

Show The World

Within 24 hours after your shoot, you’ll receive an email with a link to all of your photos. Pick your favorite(s) and we will retouch your HeadShots to make sure you look your best.

Individual Session Pricing

All sessions include 100% rights to all original photos and one airbrushed photo of your choice.

HeadShots Studio Session

Classic studio headshots in downtown San Francisco.

$150 – $250

Easy + Simple

15 or 30 Minute Sessions
+25 or +45 Original Photos
580 California Street Studio
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Outdoor or On-Site Sessions

Sessions at your office or at seven pre-screened locations across San Francisco.


Unique + Friendly

30 Minute Sessions
+45 Original Photos
Any Location in San Francisco
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Platinum Combo Sessions

Combination of an outdoor and studio session to build a total personal brand.


Powerful + Ambitious

60 Minute Sessions
+75 Original Photos
Downtown San Francisco
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

In a rush? Overnight editing is available for $50/photo.

Looking for something else?

We’re always happy to discuss custom projects.

Most Popular Headshots

No matter who you are, professional headshots can supercharge your career.

Corporate Executives

Corporate Executives

Upgrade Your Executive Brand

Great corporate headshots are the foundation for building an impactful personal brand online. Supercharge your career with headshots that convey professionalism and charisma.

Learn more about corporate headshots and company headshots.

Business Professionals

Business Professionals

Build Trust With Clients & Colleagues

Whether you work in sales, customer service, marketing, finance, or any other field – a business headshot is the perfect way to build trust with your colleagues and customers.

Learn more about business headshots.

Conference Speakers & Authors

Conference Speakers & Authors

Boost Your Credibility

If you’re submitting your photo as a conference speaker, author, or thought leader – you need a headshot that will instantly establish credibility with your audience.

Learn more about executive headshots.

Freelancers & Creatives

Freelancers & Creatives

Get More Gigs

When your primary source of income is generated through online profiles on Upwork, Fiverr, or any other freelancing platform – your headshot can help you stand out from the competition.

Learn more about LinkedIn headshots.

Consultants & Lawyers

Consultants & Lawyers

Establish Reliability and Credibilty

Lawyers and consultants have a tough challenge. How do you appear both credible, yet friendly? The perfect headshot can boost your career and help generate trust with new clients.

Learn more about lawyer headshots.

Doctors & Therapists

Doctors & Therapists

Showcase Friendly Bedside Manner

Patients and potential clients are oftentimes nervous before meeting a new physician or therapist. Maintaining a professional image online will guarantee that your patients are comfortable visiting your offices.

Learn more about doctor headshots.

Real Estate Agents

Real Estate Agents

Get More Listings. Close Deals Faster.

In real estate sales, your headshot is your first and most important marketing tool. Get a headshot that makes an impact on your website, business card, and property listing signs.

Learn more about real estate agent headshots.

Non-Profit & Government Leaders

Non-Profit & Government Leaders

Maintain Trust with Donors & Constituents

In public service, your donors and constituents are rarely around when your team is doing their best work. When accompanied with regular and transparent communications, the perfect headshot helps you maintain trust and build confidence.

Actors & Models

Actors & Models

Stand Out From the Competition

When your job is literally to look good on camera, a great portrait gives casting directors a glimpse of your potential.

Learn more about acting headshots.

Medical Residents & Students

Medical Residents & Students

Get The Attention of Employers & Admissions

Are you applying to medical residency or other graduate schools? A headshot will help you stand out from other applicants.

Learn more about medical residency headshots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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