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In this article, we cover three key difference between corporate headshots and acting headshots, but expect to see other articles talking about the differences and nuances in other types of headshot photography.


For anyone considering getting new professional headshots in the San Francisco Bay Area, one of the first questions will be around headshot pricing. With tech companies galore and a seemingly endless numbers of cool, innovative professionals who are competing in […]


Hi Everyone – As a result of the devastating economic impact of the Coronavirus pandemic, many San Franciscans will now need to look for a job once this disaster is over. So, because your headshot is so important for getting […]


Every business owner and marketer knows that video is critical for capturing their market’s attention. With the pure volume of content and noise in the marketplace, a short and impactful video goes a long way towards capturing your target audience’s […]


This is a critical time in your life. You’ve just spent four years studying, learning, and working towards your first job in residency. Not only will the perfect job set you for success in your career, but a more desirable […]