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So I Got My HeadShot – Now What?​


Great question. It’s time for you to bask in your professional gloriousness.

First off, take stock of all platform or channels that currently have your old photo. These likely include, but are not limited to:


2) Email Profiles

3) Internal Company Platforms like Slack, Workplace by Facebook, and company news platforms like SocialChorus

4) Business Cards

5) Personal Websites

6) Marketplace Websites

7) Business Websites

Second off, get to work uploading your photo!

The one nuance to this process is email profiles. We think it’s important to update your email profile, as this tool likely touches 100s of people a week. And, your internal stakeholders are just as, if not more, important than external stakeholders.

However, most email platforms (ie Outlook and Gmail) won’t allow you to upload a 4mb to 5mb image. (Which is our standard photo size.)

Already uploaded your new LinkedIn profile photo? Make sure to check out How to Find an Awesome LinkedIn Cover Photo.

To update email profiles, first download your cropped final photo. Then upload the photo to a website called, where you can compress the file to just 500kb, aka 1/10 the original size of your photo.

How to Add or Change Your Gmail Profile Pic

Then, you’ll be able to upload the photo to email.

However, DO NOT use the compressed version on LinkedIn, as the compression may affect the quality of the profile photo. Only use the compressed version for email.

Voila, you’ve now off to the races with a professional headshot across all platforms.

It’s worth noting, that you may need to slightly adjust the photo once you’ve uploaded it. Different platforms may render your photo differently, so it’s smart to a) upload b) check and c) adjust.

Most platforms (LinkedIn in particular) have tool embedded into the photo uploader that will allow you to adjust your photo. Depending on how your photo looks, you may want to either 1) slightly brighten or 2) slightly increase contrast for a crisper image.

Thanks for reading! Comment below if you have any questions. If you want a quick answer, please email us at

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