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What’s Included with HeadShots Inc. Editing


As we deliver more and more photos, people have been asking us what “light editing” means when we say that it’s included with your session.

Most of us wish we could be 5 years younger, 10lbs lighter, and perhaps have a bit more hair. And, while the team here is dedicated to making you look your best, here is our guiding principle:

We want to make you look like the best version of yourself…

…without the average viewer being able to notice that editing was done.

In our experience, you only see the benefits of editing if the viewer doesn’t realize the photo has been edited. There is nothing worse than a poorly-done/tacky editing job.

With that in mind, here are the editing services we provide with each photo session.

What we do automatically:

1) Remove acne

2) Brighten or darken overall photo

3) Adjust color balance

4) Remove prominent stray hairs

5) Level the photo

6) Slightly increase contrast

7) Remove red eye

8) Remove distracting background objects (If possible)

9) Remove sheen from eye glasses (If possible)


What we do if we think it will help:

1) Teeth whiten


What we do upon request:

1) Take 5lbs off

2) Buff permanent marks/scars

3) Whiten eyes


Thanks for reading! If you’re ready to book your session, head on over to Comment below if you have any questions. If you want a quick answer, please email us at

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