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Team Headshots in San Francisco

Team Headshots That Build Trust with Clients

Team headshots are your company’s most important tool for showing the outside world that your team is like-able, competent, and reliable. The right photography partner can help showcase your team at their best.

What Are Team Headshots?

Team headshots are photography sessions designed to capture multiple shots of separate team members in an organization. 

Typically, team headshots are organized so that marketing collateral, LinkedIn profiles, and the company “About Us” page will showcase consistent and professional employee photos. The ultimate goal is to build trust with website visitors who are considering becoming customers. 

But, some team headshots are simply a “perk” for employers who want to give a fun, but useful, gift to employees.

What Backdrops are Best for Corporate Headshots?

It depends on your industry, brand and context.

Generally speaking, you’ll want to use a backdrop that emphasizes your brand identity.

Working in financial services or law?

Go for a dark or mid-tone gray backdrop.

Getting employee headshots for your tech startup?

Go with a fun-colored backdrop or outdoors.

For geographically dispersed teams with locations in multiple cities, you should probably consider using a commonly available backdrop color. That way, you can source similar headshots  from a variety of photographers across teams.

Perfect consistency across all employee photos isn’t an absolute necessity, but there’s something special about a website “About Us” page with precisely consistent headshots for the whole executive team, executive board, or even entire staff.

HeadShots Inc’s Mobile Team Headshot Studio

How Should People Pose for Team Headshots?

In general, when setting your branded headshot guidelines, you’ll want some loose consistency across the team. A little bit of thought/planning on the front end will ensure that headshots are consistent for years to come.

Your teams’ headshots should be cropped fairly close around your head, so your pose isn’t as important as you might think. However,  some simple poses are worth trying.

     1)“Smiling arms-crossed” pose. This tends to be  ideal for professionals like executives and lawyers, but we’d recommend avoiding them for salespeople or realtors as they can look closed-off or unfriendly.

     2) “Over the shoulder” pose. Turn your body completely away from the camera , but keep your head facing it.

     3) “Candid” pose. Instead of looking straight into the camera, lock your eyes about six inches to the left or right. 

Don’t worry if you’re unsure exactly what any of these look like. Your headshot photographer will also serve as your guide.

What Are Some Common Mistakes for Team Headshots?

Here are the most common mistakes for team headshots:

  1. Not having a backup plan for absent employees, which leaves “empty” slots 
  2. Selecting an obscure headshot background that is nearly impossible to consistently/easily enforce (i.e. green screen and full-body portraits)
  3. Working with a variety of photographers who care more about “their style” vs. delivering on your headshot brand guidelines.

What Are Some Tips for Great Team Headshots?

The most important tip for great team headshots is to focus on exceptionally executed simplicity

You don’t want a nightmarish headshot program that is complicated, impossible to enforce, and requires constant management and revisions. 

Brand guidelines that require green screens (difficult to edit and many photographers won’t offer) or full-body portraits (requires a big studio space) are a recipe for disaster.

The easiest way to set your brand guidelines is to create a one-page Word document. In the document, list specific requirements for the:

  1. Backdrop: Bonus points for naming the exact brand and color.
  2. Crop: Exactly where the photo should be cropped. Full-body portraits require a special lighting setup, so avoid them, period.
  3. Lighting Setup: Should there be any shadow on the face? Should two lights be used? Say so in the brand guidelines.

A trained photography partner can help you create these guidelines for a small fee. Or, for a more casual shoot that’s just meant for employees’ personal LinkedIn profiles, you can simply discuss these guidelines with the photographer beforehand. 

What if all my team members are hard to schedule at the same time?

No problem! That’s why we recommend a solid-colored backdrop. You will never have to worry about matching the same time-of-day or using only one photographer.

HeadShots Inc has also been known to fly around the country to provide consistent team headshots across organizations. Local companies can enroll in our “Corporate Pass” program, which will allow you to send employees to our studio whenever it’s convenient for them. 

You should also be creating a “headshot brand guidelines” document to serve as ongoing guidance for headshot photography no matter the location.

How Much Do Team Headshots Cost?

Pricing for team headshots can vary depending on provider, delivery, volume, specifications and geography. 

However, you should expect to pay between $50 and $350 per person for team headshots. On the lower end, expect to book for at least 40 people on a single day. On the upper end, you’ll either be booking for a small group, or longer sessions per person.

You should also be creating a “headshot brand guidelines” document to serve as ongoing guidance for headshot photography no matter the location.

Where Can I Get Team Headshots in San Francisco?

We hope you come to HeadShots Inc! We’re San Francisco’s #1-rated studio with over 150 5-star reviews on Google. Check out our Individual Sessions or Team Sessions page. We offer in-studio, outdoor or in-office “Headshot Days” for group headshots.

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About the Author

Dan St Louis is the Owner and Head Photographer at HeadShots Inc. As a headshot and portrait specialist, his work has been featured on the larget photography blogs in the world including: 500px, PetaPixel, Fstoppers, DIYPhotography, ShotKit, and

To get amazing team headshots that get you noticed, check out our Team Session page for booking options.

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