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Startup Headshots in San Francisco

Take Your Startup To The Big Leagues

Professional headshots are a valuable and important investment for any startup. Getting these photos taken early on in your business endeavors will help you maintain a professional appearance when potential investors, clients, and collaborators look you up on LinkedIn or peruse the “About Us” page on your website. 

Understanding the importance of professional headshots and how you can best approach them will make a notable difference in the results you get with this product. Give your photos proper thought and preparation, and they can help support your professional success.

The Importance of Headshots for a Startup

Your startup is a serious endeavor that you’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in. Your headshot will serve as a sleek finishing touch that highlights your professionalism and dedication to the business. Giving adequate time and attention to your headshots is important because these photos will help present the face of your business. Casual photos or a sloppy presentation will reflect on the entire culture of your company. Make sure you approach your headshots right.

When you have high-quality headshots to present, you’ll enjoy a wealth of benefits such as:

  • Serious consideration from clients.
  • Enhanced credibility within your industry.
  • Impressive presentation for potential investors.
  • A sense of consistency and coherence from matching headshots across the company.
  • Personalization for your website, social media profiles, and marketing materials

Startup headshot example
The right headshot photographer can significantly improve the credibility of your customer-facing teams like sales, sales development, and customer success. This is particularly true if your team is younger + interacting with older clients and/or customers in regulated industries.

Finding the Right Photographer

You may have heard the advice that you should dress for the job you want rather than the job you have. This applies to headshots as well. You should invest in photos that are appropriate for your greatest endeavors, not your current place in the industry. Within a startup, you may find that you’re still climbing the ladder toward the level of your competitors. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to look like you’re clinging to the bottom rung. Quality headshots will help you maintain the same appearance as any well-established CEO.

You should always work with a professional photographer for your headshots. A selfie stick or artistic friend can’t provide the same quality and consistency. A photographer who specializes in headshots is well-positioned to advise you candidly on:

  • Proper framing.
  • Professional wardrobe adjustments.
  • Flattering poses.
  • Appropriate facial expressions.

Choosing the Right Backdrop For Your Culture & Brand

Professional headshots are portrait photos that focus on the subject’s face. However, these are framed slightly wider than entertainment headshots. There are many ways to approach the backdrop for your headshots. The most important factor is consistency. Ideally, you will have everyone in your startup get headshots from the same photographer in the same location. This will convey an organized and cohesive image, even if you’re all working from home in the absence of an established physical office.

Consider the company culture that you want to portray. For finance, law, or corporate photos, you typically want a solid-colored backdrop. However, if your startup is more creative in nature, you may want to try a backdrop that conveys this aspect of the business personality. Colored backdrops can add more excitement and interest for artistic fields.

If you have an intriguing workspace, an in-office photo shoot can subtly highlight this by catching bold artwork, expansive windows, or a modern officescape in the background. An outdoor photoshoot softens your photos and can make your team members feel more down-to-earth and approachable.

Consider capturing two or three headshots per person so you have a variety of professional images that you can use in your materials. This will give you some diversity for your marketing campaigns and ensure that your headshots aren’t overused to the point of feeling stale. 

If you have an intriguing workspace, an in-office photo shoot can subtly highlight this by catching bold artwork, expansive windows, or a modern officescape in the background. An outdoor photoshoot softens your photos and can make your team members feel more down-to-earth and approachable.

Standard HeadShots Inc studio backdrops available for startup headshot on-sites. You can also order a custom backdrop if you’d like your background to exactly match your brand colors.

Preparing for Your Startup Headshots

The best way to approach your headshots is with a confident but relaxed attitude. If at all possible, you don’t want to come in feeling overworked, tired, or frazzled. Getting some exercise, a little sun, ample hydration, and a good night’s sleep before the photoshoot will do wonders for your appearance.

Try to look as natural and recognizable as possible. While it’s tempting to try a new hairstyle or makeup for your headshot, you shouldn’t attempt anything that will significantly alter your appearance. It’s important that clients and customers be able to recognize you in person from the image they see online.

Always wear business attire for your headshot, even if you work from home in jeans and a T-shirt. Dress as you would for an important meeting, and utilize neutrals or subdued hues. Classic styles are best so that your photo isn’t dated in a year when top trends change.

Posing for Headshots

Launching a startup can leave you with a wide range of emotions from elation to terror. However, you don’t want to convey these or other extremes in your headshots. It’s best to simply stand and smile as though you’re comfortably waiting for a business meeting and just spotted the person you’re going to sit down with.

Experienced headshot photographers can then help you branch out slightly from this pose and try a few other options, such as crossing your arms, placing your hands on your hips, or leaning against a wall. While you can appear relaxed, remember that you also want to look confident, prepared, and professional. Only adopt poses that help you feel that.

Fun Startup Headshot Pose
Example fun startup headshot pose. Photo by HeadShot Inc photographer Dan St Louis.

How to Use Your Headshots

There are many places where you can highlight your headshots. Make the most of this investment and post your headshots prominently across all applicable locations. You can use your headshots for:

  • Eye-catching LinkedIn profiles.
  • Professional Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages.
  • Distinctive business cards.
  • Personality-packed web pages.
  • Authoritative author profiles for blog posts or e-books.
  • Brochures and direct mail campaigns that put a face on your business.
  • Email marketing campaigns introducing your team.
  • Billboards or posters where headshots add credibility in your industry.
  • Investor presentations introducing your team.

If you’re ready to capture stunning professional headshots for your startup, HeadShots Inc can help. Our photographers are the most highly-rated professionals in San Francisco for headshots. We have the expertise and equipment to help you capture the perfect photos for your growing business. Visit our Team Sessions page to view packages, styles, and request a quote.

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Dan St Louis is the Owner and Head Photographer at HeadShots Inc. As a headshot and portrait specialist, his work has been featured on the larget photography blogs in the world including: 500px, PetaPixel, Fstoppers, DIYPhotography, ShotKit, and

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