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Office Headshots in San Francisco

Show Off Your Office Space With Style

Office headshots are critical for showing the outside world that you and your team are like-able, competent, and reliable. With tricky indoor lighting and serious logistical challenges for larger groups – make sure to book an experienced headshot photography partner.

What Are Office Headshots?

Office headshots are portrait photographs taken in an office building for either individuals or groups. The most common type of office headshots are delivered at designated “Headshot Days” for a large group of employees. 

While most office headshots are standardized for all employees (i.e. everyone uses the same solid-colored backdrop), it’s possible for the photographer to create multiple indoor headshot stations that provide sets of employees with unique backgrounds. 

Office headshots can also be delivered for individuals or small groups that want to show off their workspace.

studio office headshot booth
Typical on-site office headshot setup used by HeadShots Inc for studio backdrops – but we also offer natural settings and outdoor settings for shoot. This headshot booth was built in Las Vegas for a Sales Kickoff.

What Backdrops are Best for Office Headshots?

It depends on your industry, brand and logistical situation.

If you would prefer a solid-colored studio backdrop, a qualified headshot photographer will be able to set up a headshot station in your office.

If you want to head outdoors, your headshot photographer can probably recommend some outdoor locations that will provide a solid backdrop and lighting. However, keep in mind that the lighting will change as the day progresses. So, if you’re booking for a larger group, you won’t be able to schedule everyone for the same location.

On the other hand, if you’d like to capture a unique indoor backdrop, just keep in mind that you may need to A) clean the space before the shoot and B) keep the space clear during the shoot.

HeadShots Inc studio backdrops that we can bring into your office for office on-sites. However, we can also go outdoors or capture photos of employees with a natural office background. (Example below)

What Are Some Common Mistakes for Office Headshots?

The most common mistake for office headshots is booking an inexperienced or generalist photographer. There are several challenges for capturing proper headshots in an office setting, the biggest being managing indoor office lighting. 

Overhead lights that are a different color balance than the photographer’s lighting can create poorly lit headshots that appear obviously taken by an amateur. We wrote a whole article about how to solve the issue here, but basically, office lighting can turn your employees “yellow” or “green” on all or part of their face…not good.

Book a photographer who specializes in headshots.

Office group photo example
Sometimes, your office interior is the best possible backdrop for your photos. This group office photo taken by HeadShots Inc Head Photographer Dan St Louis.

What Are Some Tips for Great Office Headshot On-Sites?

Simplicity and execution are key for a smooth and successful office headshot session. For our “Headshot Days,” we typically take three critical steps to ensure an efficient session:

First, before the shoot, employees are sent an online link to pick a time slot that fits their schedule. This calendar ensures that everyone can find a slot that works for them.

Second, after each session, we take a photo of the employee holding a whiteboard with their name on it. We already have their name/email from the calendar sheet. But, during headshot days, employees inevitably switch around spots and/or show up late. The second list helps us make sure every employee gets their correct original photos within one business day.

Third, employees can choose their favorite photo for editing in a private DropBox folder. They don’t need to worry about having their photos distributed to everyone in the building. Many people are self-conscious about this, especially if it’s a big office.

Male office headshot example
Indoor office headshots that showcase your workspace and/or views of the exterior can convey professionalism and warmth. However, you’ll need to work with your photographer to make sure that your office is suited for a photoshoot. Photo taken by a HeadShots Inc photographer in San Francisco at Salesforce Tower.

How Much Do Office Headshots Cost?

Pricing for office headshots can vary depending on provider, delivery, volume, specifications and geography. 

However, you should expect to pay between $50 and $350 per person for office headshots. On the lower end, expect to book for at least 40 people on a single day. On the upper end, you’ll either be booking for a small group, or longer sessions per person.

Full-day on-sites typically cost between $2,000 and $5,000, and within that range include a variety of licensing and retouching fine print, so make sure to get all details on editing and potential licensing fees (depending on how you use the photos.)

For your reference, all HeadShots Inc office sessions include 100% rights to all original photos, plus one airbrushed photo per person.

Office headshot outdoors
Because the photographer doesn’t need to haul a studio setup to your office, for short sessions, an outdoor/indoor setting for your photos can be the most cost-efficient. However, if you’re booking is at least two hours, there’s no setup fee for a studio backdrop. Photo taken by a HeadShots inc photographer in Marin, California.

Where Can I Get Office Headshots in San Francisco?

HeadShots Inc’s mobile studio is available anywhere within the San Francisco Bay Area. We’d love to chat about your vision for the event. If you’re booking for a group, visit our Team Sessions page to request a free consultation. If you’re booking for a single person, head on over to our Individual Sessions page.

dan st louis headshot photographer

San Francisco’s #1 Rated Headshot Photographers

About the Author

Dan St Louis is the Owner and Head Photographer at HeadShots Inc. As a headshot and portrait specialist, his work has been featured on the larget photography blogs in the world including: 500px, PetaPixel, Fstoppers, DIYPhotography, ShotKit, and

To get amazing office headshots that get your team noticed, check out our Team Session page for booking options.

Office On-Site Sessions for groups start at $500 and are offered across the San Francisco Bay Area.