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Team Sessions FAQ

What are your procedures for handling Covid-19?

Your safety is our top priority. As a result, we’ve implemented multiple measures to ensure a safe photography environment for our clients. To lear more, visit the HeadShots Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines.

Do you offer HeadShots for companies that reimburse for professional photography?

Yes! We frequently work with employees from companies like Google, EY, Bain, or any other corporate organization which reimburses for their employees’ headshots. If you’d like to book as an individual, please see the Individual HeadShots page.

What if my company has multiple locations?

We travel across North America! Also, if any of your employees visits from outside the Bay Area, send them a Corporate Pass and we’ll schedule a rush session.

What type of brand guidelines can I setup for employees?

The typical guidelines should consist of 1) Backdrop 2) Style and 3) Pose.

Backdrop: Can be either a solid color, a gradient color, or a natural backdrop.

Style: What should the employee be wearing? Should they be smiling, or serious?

Pose:  Should they cross their arms? Should they be sitting? 

We can help you match your brand to your HeadShots Corporate Passes.

Do you travel for Office On-Sites?

Yes! We’ll travel to any location in the San Francisco Bay Area for business group photos. Keep in mind that certain rules and restrictions may apply to selected venues and spaces outside the office.

Do you offer discounted rates for half-day and full-day Group On-Sites?

Yup! Contact us for additional details.

Do you offer Group On-Sites outside the Bay Area?

Yup! Contact us for additional details.

What are your billing terms?

Corporate Passes are billed net-30 of contract execution. Unfortunately, we cannot start delivering sessions until the bill is paid in full.

What’s the business case for your sessions?

Great question. We wrote a whole article about that here: The Business Case for Headshots.

What if I don’t like my employees’ Headshots?

Sometimes, due to outdoor weather, employee clothing choices, or simple illness – sessions can require a re-shoot. We offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, so if you don’t like your employee’s photos, we’ll give them a free re-shoot at our studio within 60-days of their original session.

What type of backdrop should my employees get?

Depends on your brand. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll happily give you some guidance.

What type of backdrop should my employees get?

Depends on your brand. Contact us for a free consultation and we’ll happily give you some guidance.

What if my employee needs to cancel their Corporate Pass session?

No problem. As long as they give us at least 12 hours notice, we’ll reschedule their session without deducting a Corporate Pass from your account.

How do office on-sites work?

We can be flexible with how office headshots are run. The standard process is to 1) Pick a date 2) Use a custom branded HeadShots registration page to register your employees and 3) Deliver the un-edited photos the next day via email. Once employees select their favorite photo, we’ll edit the photo and return it in 5 business days.

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