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Company Headshots in San Francisco

Premium Company Headshots

Company headshots are your most important tool for showcasing your competence and professionalism. Whether you’re matching a current set of company headshots, or your launching a new venture – here’s everything you need to know:

What Are Company Headshots?

Company headshots are business portraits used by either individuals or groups for company websites, LinkedIn profiles, and marketing materials. 

Unlike acting/modeling headshots, which are all about personality and emotional range, company headshots focus on showcasing professionalism, friendliness, and competence. 

In general, when clients refer to “Company Headshots”, they are either a) referencing that they’d like to match their employer’s standard headshot format or b)  they’ll soon be launching a company and need a headshot for those purposes.

company headshot vs acting headshot
Traditional company headshot (left) vs creative entertainment headshot (right). The company headshot is cropped from further away and includes lighting in the background. The creative entertainment headshot is cropped closer and removes the backlight. If you work in business, you don’t NEED to get a traditional headshot – depending on your industry, you might want request Creative Edge lighting. We offer clients the choice for all studio sessions. Photos captured by HeadShots Inc Head Photographer Dan St Louis in San Francisco.

What Backdrops Are Best for Company Headshots?

Typically, you’re just looking to match across all employees at the company.

However, if you’re booking your own company headshots, you can’t go wrong with a neutral studio backdrop.

White, gray, or black studio backdrops are perfect for 90% of headshot photos. But, if your company prescribes a certain backdrop style, then obviously you should follow their guidelines. Whenever you book a studio session at HeadShots Inc, we’ll ask about any specific requirements for your photos.

If you’re an entrepreneur or marketer creating your own headshot brand guidelines, you should check out our ebook on Building Your Company Headshot Brand here.

Headshots background options
Standard HeadShots Inc studio backdrops available for all studio sessions. Depending on your goals and industry, you may want to get an outdoor or in-office session though.

What’s the Best Way to Pose for Company Headshots?

Generally speaking, you should try to keep company headshots as simple as possible. 

Your company headshots should be cropped fairly closed around your head, so your pose isn’t as important as you might think. However,some simple poses will work wonders.

First, try a “smiling arms-crossed” pose, which can be ideal for executives and lawyers. However, we don’t recommend this pose for salespeople or realtors, as crossed arms tend to convey strength, but also make you look less open to meeting new clients.

Second, try an “over the shoulder” pose, where you turn completely away from the camera with your body, but face the camera with your head.

Third, try a “candid” pose, where you look about six inches to the left or right of the camera. 

If you can’t quite envision these, don’t worry! Your headshot photographer should guide you through these minimalistic poses. At HeadShots Inc, we try to capture at least three poses in every session.


company headshot posing comparison
Slightly leaning towards the camera can have a dramatic effect on how energetic/friendly you appear in a headshot. In the photo on the left, the subject appears professional, if not a bit disengaged. In the photo on the right, the subject appears energetic, friendly, and fully engaged in the photo. Regardless of what style you like, we can coach you to proper posture and pose. Both photos taken by HeadShots Inc Head Photographer Dan St Louis in San Francisco.

What Are Common Mistakes for Company Headshots?

Here are the top four mistakes we tend to see when taking company headshots:

  1. Don’t cheap out with an uber-cheap photography and/or friend. They likely won’t have the same equipment, experience, or willingness to retouch your photo afterward. (We have yet to meet a subject who has perfect pearly white teeth, hair that never moves/frizzes, and no bags under their eyes.)
  2. On the other hand, don’t book a photographer who will go over the top in photoshop. Make sure to review their website photos. Some headshots end up looking like wax was poured on the client’s face by the time the photographer is done “retouching.”
  3. Don’t fall for the idea that your headshot should be super casual. You might have aspirations to be that kind of billionaire who can wear a tracksuit to important meetings, but you’re probably not there yet.
  4. Remember to update your photo at least every two years. You want people to actually recognize you when you meet them for the first time.
company headshot example
The right professional headshot photographer can guide you through poses and expressions perfect for company headshots. Photo taken by HeadShots Inc photographer in downtown San Francisco.

How Much Do Company Headshots Cost?

Company headshots cost anywhere from $50 to $500 per person depending on geography, provider and package.

If you’re booking as an individual, expect to pay between $125 and $500. If you’re booking as a group, expect to pay between $50 and $300 per person.

If you’re an entrepreneur, senior executive or public figure, we recommend you spend a bit more to get a portfolio of images that you can use for different purposes. You’ll want to have a separate photo for LInkedIn than the ones you use for business cards and websites, etc.

Where Can I Get Company Headshots in San Francisco?

Headshots Inc is the San Francisco Bay Area’s #1-rated headshot photographer, with over 150 five-star reviews. We offer both Individual Sessions and Team Sessions at our studio, in-office, or at seven pre-screened locations across San Francisco.


dan st louis headshot photographer

San Francisco’s #1 Rated Headshot Photographers

About the Author

Dan St Louis is the Owner and Head Photographer at HeadShots Inc. As a headshot and portrait specialist, his work has been featured on the larget photography blogs in the world including: 500px, PetaPixel, Fstoppers, DIYPhotography, ShotKit, and

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