Why is My LinkedIn Profile Photo Blurry?

There is almost nothing that breaks our hearts more than a blurry LinkedIn headshot. After spending time and money on a high-resolution portrait, some people have reported that their profile photo looks “blurry” on LinkedIn.

And there’s been a major uproar recently around blurry LinkedIn profile photos. 

See Quora discussion here: https://www.quora.com/Why-is-my-LinkedIn-profile-picture-blurry

And LinkedIn help forum here: https://www.linkedin.cn/help/linkedin/forum/question/10036636/profile-photo-is-blurry?lang=en

So what is making your headshot low-resolution?

Unfortunately, no one seems to know for sure. While several of our clients have contacted LinkedIn’s support team, no one seems to have nailed an exact cause for why their LinkedIn photo looks out of focus. 

The real cause of blurriness is likely due to how the platform compresses and stores images for profile photos.

Some possible reasons LI photos are low quality:

There are several reasons LinkedIn (cited in the article above) has named that could affect the blurriness of your photo.  

  1. Make sure your photo is an exact square. If not, the dimensions of the photo may become distorted.
  2. Make sure that the photo is at least 400 pixels by 400 pixels. This should be easy, as most high-quality headshots have significantly more resolution.

How to fix a blurry LinkedIn profile photo:

However, it seems no one has the definitive answer to this problem. We’ve seen clients try to upload a high-resolution photo per LinkedIn’s guidelines, but the results have been mixed.

Some people say it works fine. Others say it didn’t help at all.

As a last resort, some clients have been able to take a screenshot of their photo, and then upload that to the social-media platform.


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