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Delivering great first impressions and maintaining quality in a relationship is something every business strives for on every sales call and client meeting. Keeping your group corporate headshots updated helps you start that relationship on the right foot and helps […]


HeadShots Inc is making a big push to share the latest news, promotions, and offers on all of our social channels. For customers and followers who want to see the latest content, please feel free to follow us at the […]


We had a blast at Square Unboxed Conference last Thursday. Square Inc invited us to host over 120 participants through short sessions designed to get high quality business headshots. Here were some of our key take-aways: Take-Away #1: Short Headshot […]


There is almost nothing that breaks our hearts more than a blurry LinkedIn headshot. After spending time and money on a high-resolution portrait, some people have reported that their profile photo looks “blurry” on LinkedIn. And there’s been a major […]


Ask any Vice President of Sales in a major corporation “Do first impressions matter?” when meeting customers, and they will undoubtedly respond “of course.” She will tell you that earning credibility with customers from the very first engagement is absolutely […]


As we deliver more and more photos, people have been asking us what “light editing” means when we say that it’s included with your session. Most of us wish we could be 5 years younger, 10lbs lighter, and perhaps have […]


Great question. It’s time for you to bask in your professional gloriousness. First off, take stock of all platform or channels that currently have your old photo. These likely include, but are not limited to: 1) 2) Email Profiles […]