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Covid-19 Health & Safety Guidelines

In preparation to re-open our studio and outdoor on-demand services on May 18th, our team has studied the CDC Covid-19 Guidelines, San Francisco Shelter in Place Laws via sf.gov, and state guidelines. Our top priority is to offer a safe photography environment for our customers.

How We’re Preparing for Covid-19


As a result, here are the policies we’re implementing immediately:

  • No handshakes or physical contact of any form between the photographer and customers.
  • The photographer is to stand at least 6ft away from clients at all times.
  • Photographer to use hand sanitizer or wash hands before-and-after every session.
  • Photographer to wear a mask at all times. Mask must be replaced or washed every day.
  • Photographer to get temperature taken every morning. 
  • If a photographer is found to be sick, we may need to reschedule events with shorter-than-usual notice.
  • The iPad used to review photos will be disinfected after every session.

The plan is to follow these rules strictly through the remainder of 2020, but possibly longer. Safety is our #1 priority – so we’re taking these rules very seriously. 

Some Services Suspended/Limited


In order to mirror best-practices from other organizations, we will be rolling out services in three phases.

For the first phase of the resumption of services, we will only be offering individual outdoor portrait sessions. In our understanding, these sessions are significantly safer than indoor sessions taken in a confined studio space. In accordance with local guidelines found at sf.gov, our outdoor services are safe for resuming operations.

We will begin offering this service starting May 26th, in accordance with San Francisco county’s guidance that some non-essential services may resume on May 18th.

In phase two, we will begin group outdoor sessions and individual indoor sessions. This service is likely to resume June 1, but may be delayed.

Finally, and with the guidance of a medical professional, will we resume indoor group sessions – which carry the highest risk.


If you have any questions, requests, or want to make a suggestion, please contact us at smile@headshots-inc.com. This is a living document, and we will make changes to it regularly to reflect best practices given by the medical community.

Stay safe,


Owner, Head Photographer

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